Advanced I.C&C Boost Charge Technology .


What is the difference between the existing charging method and advanced IC&C?

Existing charging methods may be embedded by use alone or combination with following (A) through (C) methods. A logic output indicates Li-Ion full charge;

(A) When current drops to (A %) of the programmed value
(B) When current reaches down to the preset value.
(C) When charging time reaches up to the preset time.

Those may be methods fraught with unstableness,because the preset value must be set on the premise that signals are always transmitted accurately and any battery performs uniformly in charge process. In case that any change of connection resistance between battery and connector occurs when battery passes charging current, voltage drop may affect the signal and make charge control inappropriate.

Advanced IC&C method can be featured with detecting the charged state of battery by voltage measured when battery does not pass charge current stopping charge for a few seconds. Therefore our method is not easily influenced by voltage drop and capable of providing what phase battery is going on until full charge. In addition to the phase information, it allows to estimate what level of deterioration is going down., Inc. All rights reserved.