Advanced I.C&C Boost Charge Technology .


The logic how to analyze and indicate full charge

T Charge : Period of charge per one cycle (For example 200sec per one cycle)
T Check : Period of applying V check to battery with no applying charge current to battery (For example5sec)
       Period of one cycle in charge process is defined as T Charge + T Check
V Check : Voltage as reference voltage with preset value
V Charge : Voltage of battery in charge (Apply charging current to battery)
V E : Voltage of battery in open circuit (No apply charging current to battery)
Step N : The phase that V Check N is higher than VE and Step N goes up to N+1 when VD goes down to 0
Count N : Repeated frequencies of cycle in step N ( N: 0 through 4)

Starting charge under Vcheck0 in step0 and repeating charge cycle until VD goes down to 0
Moving up to step 1 and repeating charge cycle untill VD goes down to 0
The sequence as same above is repeating up to meeting any one of the following our criteria, Inc. All rights reserved.